Virtual building demo

With this simulation tool you will be able to understand how the energy performance of a building varies, depending on the type of measures that you apply and on the user behavior patterns. The measures available will depend on the role you want to play in the building, and the factor you want to vary.

The virtual pilot used for the calculations represents a real building, designed under the principles of the NEE4B methodology in order to achieve a very low energy consumption in the building. In addition, the simulation tool uses real data of user behavior and energy efficiency solutions selected in the design phase of this building.

The current building performance is:

25 KWh/m2 year


30 tons


See how your decisions and behavior can influence the performance of the building!

STEP 1. Select the role you want to play in the building and the parameter you want to check

Type of user
Type of variable

STEP 2. Choose one of the following measures to modify the variable selected and check the results!

Type of measure


By implementing the measures you selected, the building performance is now:

Primary Energy Consumption:

0 KWh/m2 year

CO2 emissions:

0 kgCO2/m2year

And the savings you get are:

Energy and CO2 Savings:

0 %

Cost savings:

0 €/year


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 285173

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