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501 15 Borås (Sweden)
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SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden is a leading international research institute that creates value through collaboration

Partner Description

SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden (SP) is a state owned company under the Ministry of Industry. It works closely with large and small companies, universities, institutes of technology and other organisations, linking fundamental research with particular industrial needs. SP’s activities cover a wide technical range, with about 30 technology areas with more than 1000 employees. SP provides advisory services to the Swedish government, to government authorities and to national and international standardisation organisations. Cutting edge expertise in a multitude of R&D areas, including Construction and Buildings, Wood and Wood Technology, Energy Technology, Fire and Safety, Materials Technology, Electronics and ICT, and Measurement Technology. SP is notified for certification, testing and inspection of construction products, and is also accredited for certification of quality and management systems.

Motivation to join NEED4B

SP’s main driver in this project is to be involved in the development of low-energy houses that will be spread at the European market. SP wants to speed up this development by contributing with knowledge in the field of energy efficient design and construction, energy saving equipment as well as monitoring and metering.
The NEED4B project will also give SP a new “living lab” as the house built in Borås will function as a research center after the project has finished. Research will also be performed during the project to evaluate the new solutions will be used in the house.

Activities in the project

SP will be leading the WP6 related to the monitoring performed during the operation phase. SP Energy Technology is involved with evaluation, research and development of the entire chain from the manufacture of materials, design, construction and administration, and on to demolition and recovery/recycling, of all types of buildings and civil engineering structures. This includes energy efficient, moist safe and wooden constructions, HVAC and heat pumps as well as user behaviour, the indoor environment, including acoustics and LCA. SP will be the owner of one the industrial houses to be constructed by DEROME, which will be later on assembled in SP site. It will be used for their own research as well as for monitoring considering artificial simulated residents


Lisa Ossman
head of group, Sustainable Energy Systems