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Istiklal Caddesi Suriye Pasaji No166 Kat5 D49
33430 Beyoglu / Istanbul Türkiye
Tel. +90 212 293 16 40
Fax. +90 212 293 16 43.
Email. barisbasat@b-design.com.tr

Architecture firm experienced in the fields of master planning and project development, all fields of the project and design process and also restoration and renovation.

Partner Description

B-Design has been designing and realizing the application of architectural projects since 1996. The company has implemented many restoration projects of major historical buildings in turkey. Also B-Design states a wide range of applications from retails to offices, residences, shopping malls and touristic buildings such as hotels, casinos and holiday resorts, both in Turkey and in Romania. B-design approaches to each work in its specific site and circumstance in order to develop the best solution. With each project B-design explores new ways to integrate an organizing idea with the programmatic and functional essence of a building.
The company has exceptional expertise in various architecture, interior, restoration and design projects.
This experience gives more flexibility to reach a proper design level in terms of materials, lights etc. and leads to have a sustainable contemporary final product.
B-Design aims to improve all physical conditions and design parameters during the design phase to reach compact sufficient final project

Motivation to join NEED4B

B-Design’s motivation to join this project is to identify and encourage the design philosophy leading to an economic and contemporary sustainable building.

B-Design has a wide range of experience designing and constructing sustainable and vernacular typology. B-Design is working on the OZU Campus project, which has been applied for the LEED certificate. That encourages B-Design to be a part of the NEED4B project to reach more sophisticated innovations with the SELI building in the Campus. Working with the OZU and FIBA project management team lead the project to be a “green building” finally.

Activities in the project

B-Design is the local architectural firm and design coordinator of this project. The design coordination is leading the electro-mechanical systems, building materials and cladding, and also the infrastructure issues. Moreover the design coordination of the whole building is related both interior and exterior. B-Design has been working cost effective and sustainable solutions in terms of material, FF&E etc.


Baris Basat.