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Belgian public research university formed by 7 faculties and 3 institutes which awards the degrees of Bachelors, Masters and PhD

Partner Description

UMONS is a Belgian public research university founded in 2009 by the merger of “Université de Mons-Hainaut” and the “Faculté Polytechnique de Mons”. It is composed of 7 faculties and 3 institutes.

The “Pôle Energie” (Energy Cluster) is one of the five research centers at UMONS that coordinates the activities of the laboratories involved in the energy domain. Its main objective is the development and administration of integrated multidisciplinary research projects. The Energy Cluster targets research activities that have high development potential in the long term.

The Cluster’s main research areas are: Energy in Buildings; Fuels, combustion and CO2 related issues; Electrical Power Generation and Transportation; Geothermal Energy and Heat Pumps; and Industrial Processes. Within the Energy in Buildings area, the Energy Cluster focuses in Low Energy Building Design, Renewable Energy Systems (Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic systems, Heat Pumps) and combined systems.

Motivation to join NEED4B

UMONS´s motivation to join the project is to engage its skilled personnel in the successful development and subsequent study of the low energy building demonstration project in its home town. It represents a unique opportunity in terms of applied research, knowledge dissemination and technology transfer within the community.

The Energy Cluster of the UMONS has been and is currently involved in numerous research projects related to energy consumption in residential buildings. For example: detailed studies of the Energy Performance of Buildings and its impacts have been completed. Other projects included monitoring, evaluation and simulation of heat pump performance in buildings. The Energy Cluster has experience in calculation, measurement and simulation of energy requirements of buildings and the integration of renewable technologies to supply part of the buildings’ energy demands.

The International and local collaboration between the UMONS and the NEED4B project partners is a highly desired part of the demonstration project. UMONS will identify adaptable technologies for the Belgian climate and cost effective approaches used in the other European locations

Activities in the project

The UMONS‘s Energy Cluster leads work package 7 (Awareness, Dissemination, Training and showcases) in NEED4B. It is involved in early energy simulation of the Belgian demonstration site. It is responsible for monitoring and evaluation of the Belgian buildings performance. From field collected data and simulation results, recommendations for future low energy building design will be provided.


Véronique Feldheim

Luis Miguel Candanedo Ibarra

Eric Dumont

Nicolas Heymans