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Dealing with Project and Construction Management in Ozyegin University.

Partner Description

Founder of B-design (BG Mimarlik Müsavirlik Ltd. Sti.), Mr. Bülent Ergin Güngör has been practicing in architecture since 1979. After he decided to establish B-Design, firm has been designing and realizing the application of architectural projects since 1996. Fiba Group controls an investment portfolio of high-value brand names in both financial and non-financial lines of business. The Fiba Group’s investments in the financial services industry are in banking, leasing, factoring, insurance, NPL management and private equity fund. Its non-financial investments are in aviation, retailing, real estate, energy, ship building and port management.

Motivation to join NEED4B

Ozyegin University’s Çekmeköy campus will be the first Turkish campus with a LEED certificate, internationally recognized certification systems for green buildings. Launched in 1998, LEED is a certification developed for green buildings by the United States Green Building Council, USGBC. In order to become certified, Özyegin University will need to meet the following requirements at its new campus:

  • To minimize the burden of construction on infrastructure and especially on the rain water system, firm surfaces will be kept at a minimum and instead pervious pavers will be used as much as possible. Furthermore rain water accumulated on the roof and other impermeable surfaces will be stored and reused.
  • By enabling public transportation around the building and campus area, the use of personal vehicles will be minimized.
  • The heat island effect will be minimized by vegetated green roofs.
  • By reusing the grey water collected from sinks to flush the toilets, substantial water saving benefits will be achieved.
  • NEED4B provides best practices on energy efficient construction. All energy consuming systems within the building will be audited in accord with the procedures set forth by LEED.
  • Energy efficiency will be a key consideration for lighting and mechanical systems used within the building.
  • Energy consumption of all systems within the building will be monitored via energy analyzers and intelligent building automation systems.
  • A comprehensive waste management plan will be prepared for the purpose of recycling recoverable waste materials generated during construction.
  • Careful attention will be paid to use a certain amount of local construction materials with at least 20 per cent recycled content.
  • For indoors, construction chemicals with the lowest VOC content, which is harmful to human health, will be preferred.
  • The health and comfort of users will be a key priority. It is aimed to increase energy efficiency by fostering individual control in heating and lighting systems.

Activities in the project

According to the needs of the University, FIBA Holding Construction Group coordinates project development with all groups of designers, preparation and implementation of tenders, preparation of contracts, cost control and analysis, contractor coordination, execution control, and project management.


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