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Boulevard Kennedy 63 7000 Mons (Belgium)
Tel. +32 65 23 50 42
Fax. + 32 65 23 50 43
Email. info@formatd2.be



Architectural firm specialized in the field of wood and sustainable development

Partner Description

Format D² is an architecture office specialized in the field of wood structures and sustainable development and passive buildings.

With an experience of 17 years in the construction field and six years in wood, our niche is primarily dedicated to private houses.

Since late 2007, the office was set up in the company Bureau d’Architectes Format D² SPRL.

Our team, consisting of an engineer, architect and specialized collaborators work together to best meet all facets of project development assigned to them, whether wood or traditional construction.

We are founding members of the regional platform passive house.

Motivation to join NEED4B

Format D² is the architectural firm responsible for the architectural design and control of future sustainable housing on the Belgian site of Vue sur Mons.

Format D², as stakeholder of NEED4B is involved in all the work packages and mainly in the IPD and BIM tools and energy.

Activities in the project

INGECON participates along with the other partners in the development of the methodology for monitoring and managing low energy buildings. They are also responsible of the ICT solutions R&D for the monitoring and control of energy resources and indoor environment quality. They will test the ICT solutions in Demo Site 3 in Zaragoza (SPAIN) and assess the other partners in the ICT solutions. Finally they will be in charge of the monitoring and evaluation during the operation phase of the demonstration sites


Dominique Deramaix