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C/ Alaún, 8. Plataforma Logística PLA-ZA
50197 Zaragoza (Spain)
Tel. +34 976 013300
Fax. +34 976 010977

Spanish technology company providing high quality ICT products and services and electronic design and prototyping

Partner Description

Ingeniería y Control Electrónico S.A., INGECON, is a Spanish technology company headquartered in Zaragoza. INGECON delivers a wide range of products and services related to ICT under the trademark Inycom. It was founded in 1986 and has a staff of more than 70 professionals in 3 offices in Spain, 2 of them in Technology Parks.

INGECON has a R&D Department to provide products and services for electric utilities based on software development and electronic design, focused on scientific and technical applications. They provide a strong expertise especially in renewable energies and energy efficiency.

At present, the most important R&D lines and projects are renewable energies and distributed generation, assessment on the electricity market, energy efficiency, quality measurement of power supply, SCADA/EMS and communications (IEC 60870 and IEC 61850) for power supply, Artificial Intelligence, semantic technologies, industrial communication networks and mobile solutions.

Motivation to join NEED4B

INGECON’s aim to join the NEED4B project is the development and testing of highly innovative cost effective ICT solutions for monitoring and control in buildings, including tailored electronic measurement designs. They also want to bring to market a comprehensive BMS system for low energy efficient buildings integrating their experience in renewables and energy efficiency monitoring

Activities in the project

INGECON participates along with the other partners in the development of the methodology for monitoring and managing low energy buildings. They are also responsible of the ICT solutions R&D for the monitoring and control of energy resources and indoor environment quality. They will test the ICT solutions in Demo Site 3 in Zaragoza (SPAIN) and assess the other partners in the ICT solutions. Finally they will be in charge of the monitoring and evaluation during the operation phase of the demonstration sites


José Manuel Martín.