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Rue de la Plaine, 23/1
B1390 Archennes (Belgium)
Tel. +32(0)10/88.98.99
Fax. +32(0)10/84.39.00

SME specialised in helping companies to rapidly develop their business

Partner Description

M5 is a SME of five experts specialised in economics and engineering.

M5 is specialised in helping its customers growing. Focusing in fast growing parameters identification, it helps companies to rapidly develop their business by :

  • Performing feasibility, technical-economical and market studies
  • Defining the right business model(s) for their activity
  • Introducing the company to the appropriate national and international partners
  • Looking for investors

Motivation to join NEED4B

M5 is familiar with the “green” sector. Several feasibility and market studies were accomplished related to the following companies and new products :

Activities in the project

M5 will perform technical-economical, benchmarking and other constraints (social, legal, …) and opportunities (grants…) analysis all over the project duration : economical optimisation, follow up of the monitoring results, ending up with adequate business model(s) and strategic plan


Jean Louis Mentior.
Managing Director