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Derome Hus, Bjurumsvägen 14,
43287 Veddige, Sweden
Tel +46 340-666400

Derome Hus es un distribuidor villa woodframed en el norte de Europa

Partner Description

Derome Hus is part of the Derome Group which founded in 1947.

Our mission is to supply chain from forest to finished house.

The Derome are several different branches of production of housing, and villas as well as apartment buildings with the common denominator wood. All our production is done with wood framing materials.

Since we are a company with a strong environmental profile, our goal is that our houses and homes to make as little impact as possible in terms of carbon and require as little energy as possible in the operating phase.

Motivation to join NEED4B

Derome Hus motivation to participate in Need4B project is to be a driving force in improving the energy performance of housing for all meet future energy and environmental goals.

Derome has previously had an agenda to create energy efficiency in the construction sector in Sweden. We have previously participated in other projects focusing on the energy performance of buildings and the users behavior to save energy and the environment.

The requirements for housing will be tightened in the coming years Derome want to stand strong in being a leader in the industry for our region.

Activities in the project

Derome Hus is responsible for the construction of Sweden´s two demo sites along with SP.

Our participation is to design and build two similar homes to measure for a longer period, in order to be able to shape the future residential energy requirements.


Anders Carlsson