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Logo Dirco

Via Nino Della Notte, 23,
73100- Lecce, Italy
Tel. +39 0832347337.
Email. dircosrl@gruppocaiaffa.it


Construction SME set in Italy and focused to the development of innovative construction projects for a wide range of buildings typology.

Partner Description

DIRCO S.R.L. is a construction SME born in 1991 with the aim to offer new productive and innovative initiatives for the construction of structural and infrastructural projects, such as residential, commercial, touristic, and sportive buildings.

DIRCO S.R.L. is part of Caiaffa group which, as well as DIRCO, includes other societies, such as Fervida Costruzioni of Caiaffa Fernando s.a.s., Borgognoni s.a.s. of Caiaffa Fernando s.a.s., and So.Co. S.R.L.

At the beginning of its activity, DIRCO worked in the real estate. In 2003, DIRCO started its building construction activity with the refurbishment and enlargement of the Ipercoop shopping centre in Surbo (LE) (25.000 sqm in total).

Other important projects performed by DIRCO are:

A private residential and office building of 1.200 sqm;
A social centre for people with disabilities of 1.100 sqm.

DIRCO is currently involved in the realization of the building described as potential new pilot of NEED4B on behalf of Fervida Costruzioni of Caiaffa Fernando s.a.s.

In the next future, another directional centre of 3.500 sqm is going to be built by DIRCO near the Lecce Pilot building.

Motivation to join NEED4B

DIRCO S.R.L. would like to bring Lecce pilot building into NEED4B project since this can be a big opportunity to further develop the chosen energy efficiency solutions within an international framework where exchanging ideas and learning from most advanced actors in low energy construction in Europe. The main technical solutions, which DIRCO S.R.L. would like to focus on, are high energy efficiency heating and cooling systems, and high energy performance envelope materials, considering that the building envelope is partially composed of glazing walls.

DIRCO S.R.L. aims to demonstrate how the integration of a new building can be realized in a built environment mainly constituted by historic buildings, minimizing visual impact and ensuring an high energy performance of the new construction.

One of the main concerns in NEED4B is reducing cooling demand in those buildings situated in the Mediterranean area. This demo site located in the South of Italy provides the opportunity to face this topic and provide an example of best practice in terms of energy efficiency during the warm seasons.

Activities in the project

DIRCO S.R.L. will be involved in the design, development and commissioning of the demo building in Italy, having responsibilities for the selection of the optimal energy efficient solutions and their integration within the building.