NEED4B finishes having accomplished its objectives and opens a door of new era for zero energy buildings

//NEED4B finishes having accomplished its objectives and opens a door of new era for zero energy buildings

NEED4B finishes having accomplished its objectives and opens a door of new era for zero energy buildings

After six years of working together, the consortium wraps up the NEED4B project

NEED4B has come to an end after six years of work. A tough seek that has involved a team of 15 partners from five countries in Europe, who have put their efforts and wishes in a wider deployment of very low energy new buildings in Europe.

NEED4B has successfully demonstrated the technical, environmental and economic feasibility of designing, constructing and operating buildings with very low energy consumption.

Our wish is that the project becomes a best practice example for all new builds in Europe, and thus we have published all project insights in this website for further replication. This way, the project has finished but its achievements will mean the beginning of a more extensive deployment of this type of practice in the construction sector.

About the pilots

The five demo buildings in NEED4B are live, open and ready to be benchmarks for other new buildings in Europe. The demo buildings have enabled us to explore a range of technical solutions with cost-effectiveness criterion. The website offers a section to browse and check one by one the main strategies implemented in each of the pilots, also offering an overview of the final consumptions and savings obtained in the buildings. If you prefer a downloadable format, our new technical catalogue includes in short the main solutions by pilot. Would you like to pay a visit? See how to contact! Do you want to know more? Check the public closing deliverable that gathers the main results of NEED4B demo sites, including their final performance according to the selected KPIs.

Discover our results and findings

Besides the pilots, we have documented our experience during these six years and developed the NEED4B methodology. This methodology puts together our findings on how to develop almost zero energy buildings in practice. You can check the related deliverable here.

Together with this report, we have developed a set of NEED4B guidelines as a support to the implementation of the NEED4B Methodology on how to design, construct and operate very low energy new buildings, addressed to all types of stakeholders in the building sector. Finally, the NEED4B Best Practice Handbook is the result of the application of the NEED4B methodology at the different demo sites. It provides a set of recommendations for each phase of the building based on the lessons learnt in the project.

Today we also have the final documentary video to introduce you into the achievements of NEED4B in real settings. Further videos and webinars will show you more about the experiences of the partners in the project.

In the deliverables section of the website you can find 18 public reports detailing the works in the different areas addressed by NEED4B.

Moreover, we have released 17 scientific publications, either as papers in conference proceedings or as journal publications. Are they of interest for your research field? Have a look!

Know it all!

Are you interested in having all the results of NEED4B project? Download the NEED4B Package and save all the materials at once with only one click!


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