NEED4B consortium gathers in Madrid for the annual meeting

//NEED4B consortium gathers in Madrid for the annual meeting

NEED4B consortium gathers in Madrid for the annual meeting

The NEED4B partners celebrated recently a new consortium meeting to review its current status and face the upcoming tasks. The event took place in Madrid, at ACCIONA Infraestructuras facilities, being the partner who hosted the 2-day meeting.

The first working day started the afternoon of the 11th of May. The meetings were opened with the reception words from Acciona representatives. Afterwards the project coordinator, CIRCE, presented a general overview of the project evolution as well as of the coordination activities.

The day was completed with a work session on the NEED4B methodology under development in work package 2, which gathers recommendations for stakeholders on how to design, construct and operate very low energy new buildings. The session was coordinated by D´Appolonia and every partner took part.

The second day was mainly focused on the demo sites. All pilots are already being monitored and the partners took the chance to present the current status of their respective demo sites, analysing the monitoring data obtained at this stage and evaluating the buildings energy performance during their operation phase.

In addition, there was a special mention to the awareness, dissemination and exploitation activities, as one of the main goals of the project is to expand the project results and lessons learnt to contribute the deployment of new low energy consumption buildings.

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