Reduction of energy consumption in buildings through ICTs

//Reduction of energy consumption in buildings through ICTs

Reduction of energy consumption in buildings through ICTs

Zaragoza, Spain 18/02/2014.
Ingecon, ICT partner in NEED4B, has implemented during 2012 and 2013 a project to improve energy efficiency in the headquarters of the Spanish company Inycom in Zaragoza. In the office building there are more than one hundred people working as well as a Data Center to attend Inycom’s customers.

Firstly, during Q1-2012 several electricity meters were installed connected in real time to a software monitoring platform to store and analyze the data collected. The main consumptions targeted where the Heating/Cooling system, the Data Center and the overall energy consumption in the building. Once the consumption profiles were known by source, day of week and hour of day, some conclusions could be drawn and an action plan was defined to improve energy efficiency.

The main items in the plan were:

  • The data center consumes 68% of the energy in the building with a 24*7 flat consumption profile. A business case was prepared demonstrating that an update in Data Center technology would save up to 5% of electricity, paying back the investment in less than 2 years.
    A new contract for electricity supply was negotiated with the commercialization company now that consumption profiles and peak loads are known. This has brought a reduction of almost 4% in electricity expenditure.
  • A met mast has been installed in the building to create a profile of the strong winds in the area, and find out if it is worth to install a small wind turbine to reduce the electricity consumption from the distribution power grid. This may also create a new business line in the company, providing this service to other companies in the Technology Park.
  • Continue with the monitoring process to check the previous measures results and detect new opportunities for further improvements.

All these actions are closely related to the responsibilities of Ingecon in NEED4B project, which are the selection of energy efficient technologies for the demo sites, and their monitoring and control during the operation phase. This plan has been successfully implemented during 2013 and with the help of Ingecon, Inycom has incorporated energy efficiency promotion activities to its long term company policies.

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