NEED4B and DIRECTION participate together in one of the reference events on sustainable buildings worldwide

//NEED4B and DIRECTION participate together in one of the reference events on sustainable buildings worldwide

NEED4B and DIRECTION participate together in one of the reference events on sustainable buildings worldwide

Barcelona, Spain 03/11/2014.

The fellow projects NEED4B and DIRECTION participated together in the last edition of the World Sustainable Building conference, held for the first time in Spain, in the city of Barcelona.

The event, one of the most relevant conferences worldwide, gathered between 28 and 30th of October a vast number of professionals from the construction sector, and planned over 150 conference sessions, under the topic “Are we moving as quickly as we should? It’s up to us”

The fellow projects collaborated closely in the organization of one of these sessions, focused on: How can planners and investors benefit from best practice projects on sustainable buildings, where both projects aimed to how it is possible to achieve real results on new buildings being designed and built having in mind sustainability and efficiency through the experience gathered by those demonstrative projects

The session was chaired by Ali Vasallo, from Fundación CARTIF, the lead organisation of DIRECTION, and counted upon the presentation of other two members of DIRECTION project, Jan Kaiser (Fraunhofer) and Sergio Sanz (Fundación Cartif). The panel of speakers was completed by two representatives of NEED4B consortium, Iván Laguna (INGECON – Ingeniería y Control), and Ignacio Zabalza (Fundación CIRCE).

Besides giving a brief introduction to the main concept and target of NEED4B and DIRECTION, speakers also gave some clues about the activities carried out at certain demonstrators, such as the Nu-Office in Munich, connecting simulations and methodologies with real buildings. This way, the presentations remarked the importance of climatic conditions on the design and use of the building, as well as control and monitoring activities at the buildings to identify saving potentials, thus saving money through reduced energy and water use.

Regarding economic and policy aspects, the conference also addressed the opportunities and potential business models that can be created in the building sector for energy efficiency buildings in Public Private Partnerships (PPP).

The audience showed high interest in the topics discussed at the conference. Several debates were established on different issues such as how energy efficiency measures can increase the value of the building without increasing its costs, or the replication of these demonstrations projects in industries.

About WSB

The World Sustainable Building conference is an initiative promoted by CIB (International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction), iiSBE (International Initiative for Sustainable Environment), UNEP-SBCI (Sustainable Buildings And Climate Initiative) and FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers), with the support of WGBC (World Green Building Council).

After several editions of the conference, which take place every three years, it has become the reference on sustainable building, an international meeting point to encourage the uptake of adequate answers to the challenges, social and environmental, which the building sector faces.


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